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Amazing art donated by photographers to support Doctors of the World so that they can continue to provide vital medical aid to vulnerable and desperate refugees

Maria Kapajeva

Maria Kapajeva is an artist from Estonia who works and lives in London, UK. Her work has been shown internationally including the most recent shows at Chobi Mela VIII in Bangladesh, at Auckland Photography Festival in New Zealand and the exhibition ‘The Space Around Me’ at Tartu Art Museum in Estonia. Maria was commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery for their Olympic project ‘The World in London’ in 2012 and by The Harn Art Museum (USA) for the duo exhibition ‘he, she, me’. Last year she was selected for three monthArt Residency ‘Bridge Guard’ in Slovakia where she worked on ideas around borders. Maria works on a new project at ‘FATHOM’ Residency at Four Corners & Film in London with the final exhibition in the end of October, 2015. Maria Kapajeva’ is an Estonian artist whose  photographic work has developed at an exciting pace from itscollaborative beginnings using various means such as installation, quilts, digital collage, portraiture in which to consider women’s  identity, challenging tradition and old values in today’s globalised economy.

I Am Usual Woman by Maria Kapajeva

Title: ‘I Am Usual Woman’ / cushion cover (2013)

Cotton, Stitched in patchwork technique based on ‘Double Wedding Rings’ pattern. 

Dimension: 43.5x43.5cm for cushion 40x40cm

Limited edition 10+2AP

This one is 7/10.

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