Lottie Davies

Lottie Davies was born in Guildford, UK, in 1971. She grew up in Surrey and was educated in Alton and Godalming. After a degree in philosophy at St Andrews University in Scotland, she moved back to England to learn the photographic trade as an assistant in London, where she has since been based.

Davies’ unique style has been employed in a variety of contexts, including newspapers, glossy magazines, books and advertising.She has won recognition in numerous awards, including the Association of Photographers’ Awards, the International Color Awards, and the Schweppes Photographic Portrait Awards. Her work has garnered international acclaim with the image Quints, which won First Prize at the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Awards 2008 at the National Portrait Gallery in London, with Viola As Twins, which won the Photographic Art Award, Arte Laguna Prize in Venice in 2011, and her collaboration on "Dreams of Your Life" with Hide & Seek/Film 4.0 which was BAFTA-nominated in 2012.

"In 2007 I visited Syria - Aleppo and the surrounding area to be precise. At that time of course, the current conflict had not erupted, and state control of media was beginning to relax - hence the proliferation of satellite dishes in the city; every family that could afford one was accessing international media such as CNN and the BBC. I took this shot from my hotel room on the first day - I looked out from this high vantage point (of which there were few in Aleppo) and the sea of sandy-cream blocks, all crusted with innumerable dishes, was almost shocking.

I cannot imagine what this scene would look like now, and I would guess that my little hotel room is home to an international journalist of some kind, watching tragedy unfold beneath."

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