Frequently Asked Questions:

Does all my money go to Doctors of the World?

Yep, the whole of the price of each print goes to Doctors of the World, although the payment service we use does take a 1.9% card fee.

What about Postage cost?

Each photographer will send your chosen print to you directly and they will cover the postage. 

How long until I get my print?

As I mentioned each photographer will send you your chosen print personally, They will get it sent over as soon as possible, but this might take a couple of weeks. If you feel like you have been waiting a little too long then please get in touch.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes, we now ship all over the world. 

What size are the prints?

All the print sizes are shown on the prints page. The size quoted is the paper, the image may be smaller than the paper. 

How do I find out when new prints are put on the site?

The best way to find this out is to follow us on Instagram (@printsforrefugees) and Twitter (@prints4refugees). In fact we would love it if you wold follow us and retweet us etc. The more people who know about this the more money we can raise. 

How can I donate more money to Doctors of the World?

You can donate more money buy clicking on the donate button on the Our Story page.

Is anyone else doing something like this?

Yes they are! Our friends at Crossing Borders Picture Fund are also raising money for fantastic charities by selling beautiful prints. Go check them out!

I'm a photographer and I would like to donate some prints?

Amazing, please get in touch via our contact form. In your message, please include - name, a link to your website, a couple of possible print submissions and a bit about why you want to get involved!

We really appreciate any submission and will get back to you as soon as I can.