About Prints for Refugees

Prints for Refugees is a collaboration between the photographic community and the humanitarian organisation Doctors of the World. All of these prints have been generously donated by photographers and available at a much lower price than they would normally sell their work. When you buy a print, the money goes directly to Doctors of the World.

Like so many others, the struggles of the refugees in Calais and those attempting to travel to Europe affected me deeply and so I wanted to try to do something about it. I suspected that many of my fellow photographers would feel the same and so I reached out with a simple idea to try to help.

The idea was to set up an online print sale with all the money raised being donated to a charity to help the refugees. Photographers would donate prints, you would buy them and all the money would go to helping the refugees. Simple.

I'm pleased to say that the response from the photographic community has been fantastic, with lots of my favourite artists very happy to give away their amazing work. I'm also very pleased to be able to work with such a great charity as Doctors of the World who were helping out in Calais before most of us (including me) even realised there was a problem.

Rest assured that when you buy a print 100% of the money goes to Doctors of the World.


Mark Sherratt


About Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World UK is an independent humanitarian movement working with refugees and vulnerable migrants worldwide, providing them with essential medical care while advocating for their right to health. Through 350 programmes in 80 countries working with more than 3,000 health workers, we provide medical care, strengthen health systems and address the underlying barriers to healthcare.

In 2015, when Prints for Refugees was launched in response to the humanitarian emergency in the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais, we were able to provide primary healthcare and specialist psychological support as well as successfully lobbying the French government for better sanitary facilities. While the camp in Calais no longer exists owing to circumstances beyond our control, our work continues across France and elsewhere.

The realities of migrants’ struggles are often neglected. The lives that they have been forced to leave behind are rarely considered nor is the situation which many of them face in the camps that we work in. Our team of staff and volunteers including: doctors, nurses, translators and mental health specialists are present at every stage of the migrants’ journeys. From conflict zones beyond Europe’s borders and camps in countries such as Syria, Turkey, Greece and Italy to our clinic in London, these doctors, interpreters and psychologists work tirelessly to provide basic medical care to vulnerable people whose access to free healthcare is extremely restricted. Kharman is one of our interpreters who has works in the refugee camps in Northern Greece helping the camp’s pregnant women and new mothers explain their health problems to our volunteer medics. For her, seeing this sense of nothingness is a daily occurrence:

“We see a lot of Yazidi women who are fleeing ISIS. These are people who have lost everything, we see people who owned land and had jobs – and now they have nothing. There are women who are going to give birth soon and they don’t even have clothes for their baby.”

By purchasing one of these prints, kindly donated by a range of artists, you will be making a direct difference. Your support could help us to continue sending volunteer staff like Kharman to where they are needed most. Our vision is a world without barriers to health, where healthcare is recognised as a fundamental right. In striving to achieve this, we are grateful for the help provided by Prints for Refugees in making that a reality.

Many thanks,

The Doctors of the World Team