Prints for Refugees

Amazing art donated by photographers to help the refugee crisis. All proceeds go to Doctors of the World UK so that they can continue to provide vital medical aid to vulnerable and desperate refugees

100% of the money from these prints goes directly to Doctors of the World.

The Photographers 

Like so many others, the struggles of the refugees in Calais and those attempting to travel to Europe affected me deeply and so I wanted to try to do something about it. I suspected that many of my fellow photographers would feel the same and so I reached out with a simple idea to try to help. 

The idea was to set up an online print sale with all the money raised being donated to a charity to help the refugees. Photographers would donate prints, you would buy them and all the money would go to helping the refugees. Simple.

I'm pleased to say that the response from the photographic community has been fantastic, with lots of my favourite artists very happy to give away their amazing work. I'm also very pleased to be able to work with such a great charity as Doctors of the World who were helping out in Calais before most of us (including me) even realised there was a problem.

Rest assured that when you buy a print 100% of the money goes to Doctors of the World. 


Mark Sherratt


Doctors of the World.

To our collective shame, situations of poverty and conflict in the Middle East and Africa have been left to fester, driving innocent people in search of protection and a better life. Today thousands are drowning within sight of our shores and many more have fallen ill or injured making perilous journeys to and across the Continent only to be met with violence or hostility.

Doctors of the World UK has been working with refugees and vulnerable migrants in Europe for many years, providing them with essential medical care while advocating for their right to health.  We are present at every stage of their journey, from conflict zones to Greece and in Calais.

If you choose to purchase one of the photos shown, you will be making a direct difference. Our doctors and nurses are seeing severe conditions ranging from respiratory problems to post-traumatic stress to fractures on a daily basis - £100 could pay for a medical team to staff our health clinic in Calais for one day, where they will treat and offer respite to over 50 people.